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Wearing Sun shades Cat Becomes Net Superstar

Meet Bagel became a social media sensation because of an eye condition that requires her to wear sun shades at all times. Her shades are decorated with stick-on jewels, giving her a cold vibe that has earned her a reputation as of the internet’s coolest felines. The Los Angeles catlike was born without eyelids and Read More

Turkey robes, round sun shades & Dior: how the Royals win fashion

Queens are about 90 birthday retrospective will no doubt prompted heavy crayon & handbags from the style press. But her sister, Margaret threatened to steal her Thunder. A brand spanking new exhibition at Kensington Palace from Thursday, called fashion rules to redesign, from Closet Queen, Princess Diana Princess of Wales. The latter, who died in Read More

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The first time I interviewed founder sunglasses, Dix, company cotton, rich amengdesen and T.J. Eaton, in the ’14 months. Now, after a successful Kickstarter campaign they recently started, we caught up with the same. So, what they have been up to for the past 1.5 years? The party continue? Has it grown? And they are Read More

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